Care for Refugees & the Homeless

We prepare care packages to refugees and the homeless. We have a store where we collect and package food, clean new and used clothes, shoes, toiletries etc. If you love to bless refugees or a homeless person with your stuff, please visit our contact page and get in touch with us.

Elderly care

At Haven of Treasures, we care for our lonely elderly people. with the consistent rise in the number of elderly populations, and huge cuts in state care, we find social isolation a threat to our elderly people because they are meant to spend more years at home alone. We provide friendship outdoor activities and practical help.

Care for Un-documented Migrants

We help to bridge the gap in care for undocumented migrants and victims of human trafficking! We help with Trauma Counseling, computer literacy classes, friendship, food, personal items, personal development workshops and activities that stimulates a better sense of identity. We also offer repatriation and integration back to society services to those who desperately need it.

Work with Us:

You could help us with your skills on practical things during our events or join us in prayer. You can also help us with your social capital by sharing our posts on your social media groups and contacts or run your Facebook fundraiser. Another way to support is to go shopping for a refugee or a homeless person. We need items like toiletries, non-perishable foods, new or clean used clothes and shoes.

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Support Us:

You are welcome to make a donation to support what we do