Mastermind Groups

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind Groups

No more loneliness in making decisions. Come and flourish with one of our prestigious mastermind small groups and enjoy the luxury of having your board of directors who provide all the support you need to thrive in whatever you set out to do. We examine the experience of people and how it impacts them currently. We address the problem and explore your strength to find ways that you can be able to contribute to your process to make wise and ethical choices which will eventually reshape your life, career, and relationships.

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Every living thing should grow. The ultimate sign of gratitude for life is the appreciation you ascribe to your life and growth process. This appreciation reflects in the way you live while you are still alive. Being aware and taking charge only comes by scanning and assessing each aspect of your life and taking steps to GROW where necessary. The Holistic Life Appraisal will help you do a proper life appraisal to get you going better


The objectives of this appraisal is to help you recognize areas for upgrading in the key aspects of life. As with any Self-Appraisal, the objective isn't an absolute View of your life, But rather a good chance for overall self indication. Please just give your overall mark of how you see yourself in each class.

Take the time to reflect about your scores in each area of your life. Imagine if you did this appraisal regularly to improve your outlook and behaviors. You will definitely live the life you love


Rate yourself from 1-10, with 1 being the least agreement, and 10 being the full agreement


I am able to overcome fear and function with courage. I worry less about what ifs. I am able to move past offences and forgive quickly. I know how to identify and eliminate stressors and have a good coping mechanism for handling distress.

I am very focused and have a positive perspective to life. I am not confused. I’m nurturing a life of harmony in myself and with others being fully aware of the challenges around me and still able to exercise patience and positivity that fuels my attitude. I trust my intuition and I seek advice when needed
My Spiritual vitality is at its best. I feel fully supported by my creator, My spirit is able to direct my values, beliefs, perspectives, actions, and is in alignment with the spirit of God. I put God first amidst all my endeavors and I obey as he leads me. I believe in Spiritual disciplines
I Plan for my finances and I am not extravagant. I am able to maintain a savings account for unforeseen events. I am a giver and I care about expanding the house of God with my financial resources. I am not greedy and I always show gratitude for what I earn.
I feel deeply connected with my spouse physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am able to listen, help, respect, and trust my spouse and I am able to demonstrate my love and affection in a respectful way with less criticism. I am able to forgive any wrong from my partner and live with compassion and understanding daily.
I am always available to love and support my family. I spend time with my kids and am able to sustain an atmosphere of love and fun. I dare to exercise discipline that bears good fruits. I am a good role model to my children. I care for my parents and extended family by staying in touch and reaching out when necessary
I am intentional about seeking friendships that is fun, energetic, and positive. I aim for thriving connections that last a lifetime. I try to be as authentic as possible in my social circle. I invest time and resources to enhance my interpersonal skills . I am not judgmental of others and I choose to give my friends the benefit of the doubt.
I often conscious of self care in order to be at my best. I am certain that my overall well-being is at the optimum and this makes me feel strong with energy each day. My meals have a balanced nutrition, I exercise regularly and have enough sleep so that I can overcome obstacles and flourish in my daily living.
I know my mission in this life. I operate with certainty, clarity and confidence over my mission. My Purpose adds meaning to the repetitive things I do each day. I feel empowered to carry out my mission and it feels right each time I engage my effort and contribute towards my mission.
  • FUN

I invest some time for fun activities, I have a hobby with which I can connect with other. I attend functions, celebrations, dinners and special events. I have time to engage and disengage with things people. I know how to enjoy my life.


I am committed to life long learning, to discover new things about myself , my career, and the world I am curious and pay attention to the world. Where possible, I am able to share my knowledge with others.

What Now?

If you like your scores, Good job!. We want to hear more from you to see how you can share your wins, offer hope and encouragement to someone else, However, if you don’t like your scores, and you have fear of inadequacy, then it’s just an indication to focus on that area a little more. Improvement takes time, commitment and accountability. Often, it is difficult to figure out the right thing on your own, also, finding the right coach or mentor who knows how to listen, analyze and provide guidance could be a hassle. But you don’t have to wait and watch the years fly before you realize just how much every day counts.

The key?

Developing tiny habits. Tiny Practices, step by step...



You are invited to join the Haven Of Treasures Tribe. This is a community for everyone. You have a place where no matter your background, Race, Age, Gender, denomination. This is not a general one size fits all group. It is a group of individuals looking for Resources, Accountability, Clarity, Focus, Inspiration, Fun, Training, Drive, Friendship, Diversity, Connections and Encouragement. You will build the muscle required to fulfil your dream. You have the opportunity to meet online and face to face. We believe with patience and persistence,you will get to your next level of life performance and create the life you love. Please click the button below to find out what we offer and if this is the community you have always hope for.

Kids & Teens Club

Nowadays, passivity on spiritual education for youth and Kids can be blamed on the breaking down of the typical support system such as family structures, religious institutions, and community. It has resulted in a high rate of anxiety, self harm, depression and suicide. The increasing rate of divorce, single parenthood, teenage pregnancy, and discrimination contributes in the youth feeling powerless because they lack the experience in coping with the pressure to live up as active members of the society.

The club provides the platform to express their creativity and grow Spiritually. Most youth especially the migrants, still struggle to find their pride and place in the society, they are completely deprogrammed from their true worth and feel compelled by society to live up to the standards that are continuously evolving. This has left many youth frustrated, vulnerable and confused about their identity and value and consequently, Many are turning to violence, drug abuse, eating disorders, gang involvement, prostitution etc. for emotional, physical and mental functioning. There is an urgent need for other systematic support programmes that can provide the balance necessary for the youth to take off and soar.

“We also pay attention to Third Culture Kids (TCKs) refers to children who spent a significant part of their developmental years outside of their passport country. “TCKs are referred to as cultural chameleons who may have trouble figuring out their own value system from the multicultural mix they have been exposed to. It is said that in the end, TCKs might adopt so many personas as cultural chameleons that they don’t know who they really are” (Pollock & Van Reken, 1999). “

Global mobility is increasing especially with more families moving abroad and facing the Influences of an increasingly complex and secular society. Some children do quite well, however, most children carry their unresolved emotional wounds into adulthood and Identity issues becomes a major obstacle and common problem that TCKs face.

In our Kids club, we address questions that most TCKs often ask such as; Who Am I where do I belong? Etc. and all the common challenges TCKs face. We teach them how to present themselves so that they can grow and develop in a healthy way. We also work alongside their parents through training so that are informed about the implications of TCKs and how they can better prepare for the challenges they may face.