Do you have a specific target Group

Ans. We are open to everybody. We exist to help people Connect, Heal, Restore, Grow and
Thrive . Everyone deserves a share in the hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge in
Christ. (Col. 2:3).

Do you work with children?

Ans. Yes we do especially with Third Culture Kids. These are kids who spend a significant part of their lives outside their passport country. We do a lot of debriefings with kids

Can we follow the courses you offer in your Academy online?

Ans. Yes it is possible to follow some of the courses online, however, the most of them are offered live so you need to stay in touch to hear about the latest training we are offering.

Can I join the community even if I do not need any mentoring or coaching?

Ans. Yes, you are welcome to join. Our community is not only for people who need help, although we all get stuck somewhere in our life`s journey. we have people who joined the community just for the purpose of having thriving connections with others, or for accountability, for leaders mastermind, or generally doing life together with us.

How practical is your Healing and restoration process?

Ans. Here’s a story that illustrates precisely the process.

We first met Hannah when she was just 19 years old. For 6 horrific years, Hannah’s life was under the complete control of an insidious fellow who was into Human trafficking. she ended up in the Red light District of Amsterdam as a prostitute. She has been living in this bondage, full of fear and anxiety and attempted suicide several times. Her family had no clue of what Hannah was involved with. Hannah felt so much despair and shame that she could not share this horrific experience with anybody. This experience took away her true worth and she saw herself as a tool for use.

She desperately needed help to get free from the mental torture and reunite with her
family again when we came across her. Her family tried all they could to contact her but
they failed. She began the process of healing and restoration with us and we finally
succeeded in connecting her back with her family. As unbelievable as this sounds, this kind of thing still happens today because there is such vulnerability especially among
immigrants. They suffer emotionally and are often seen as good for exploitation.

Believe It or Not, Many liberation’s Starts with being intentional about rescue and a Caring Soul.
Amsterdam is a Beautiful city with a rich heritage. The center of the main city, is usually flooded with tourists and sightseers. There are plenty of Café’s, Bars, Restaurants,
Museums and Art Galleries and public parks. During the day, people can be seen
strolling through the streets, reading the newspaper at the parks, talking on the phone, or enjoying the beautiful weather. One of the prime and famous spot in Amsterdam is The Red light district. It is a locations where children, women and hard drugs are trafficked. But by night, the district transforms into a modern-day bazaar where
predators can simply come, talk with a pimp, and pick up a woman. As part of our work,
we always scout this area, we discovered there was a certain period of time when the
pimps in the area transition into “setting up shop” –We intentionally go there attempting to stir up conversations and talk to some of the women and men in the area. That is how we were able to have contact with Hannah

If the exploitation is so blatant, why aren’t the authorities doing anything to break it up?

Ans. The Authorities do their best to stop crime however, human trafficking is something that
is extremely strong armed by some powerful network. Also, this is hard to admit, tourism is a major source of income for the country – and many tourists come here to prey on children and women. It is very unfortunate but there is really no easy answer to this.

How long does it take to help a person from such experience?

Ans. There is no easy answer to this either. We’ve seen women and men come to us for help. Not every case we handle is related to human trafficking. Some people are dealing with trauma, sexual abuse, marital conflict, Family Conflict, Sexual disorientation, Career crisis, extreme fear, depression and anxiety, Panic attacks, others are isolated, hopeless and suicidal.

The horrors these people have experienced could stay with them the rest of their lives. But with the help of our Professional Coaches, Counsellors and Mentors, we’ve seen miraculous results. If you paid a visit, you would never imagine the horrors these people have experienced.

What do you do to help care for these people?

Ans. It is a process that is different for everyone because, every person who comes to us is in a unique situation. Some of our clients are regular people with one or more of the issues above and not necessarily from the Red Light District. Depending on the
situation, Perhaps first and most important, we organise series of meetings and take them
through the process of Christian counselings, or coaching and mentoring In a future direction until they are transformed and able to cut through the clutter of life again. In the future, we hope to have a home open for people to come in and relax and really feel like they have come home, that they may enjoy all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge in Christ Jesus.

want to restore the concept of “home” in Amsterdam. Beyond that, we have a comprehensive and professional approach to helping people open up about their situation
and we have an amazing team who provides the best in care.

How much do people pay for your services?

Ans. Haven of Treasures is a non subsidised Non-Profit Organisation open to everyone and we aim to reach a wide variety of people worldwide. We do ask clients to make a small contribution for each One on One 50munites tailored session or training programmes depending on the level of your total gross household income, so that we can cover a part of our operational expenses and also help other people who cannot afford or
access our kind of services. Investing in your own journey to freedom and hope is an
eternal investment. Contact us and we will give you an indication of a reasonable
contribution depending on our progressive scale guide.

Hannah Is Now 23Years Old, Happily Married, and a New Mother!

We’ll never forget the day she introduced her husband to us. We sobbed with joy for at least a few minutes! and we just stood there in awe of how far she had come. She said to us, “ this is my husband! He is so wonderful and I’m so glad you can finally meet him!”

There were no other words needed. No “thank you’s” from Hannah about the work we did or the role we played – after all, SHE was the truly brave one. She was the one who faced the darkness, faced the pain, and powered through. We were there to help, and we left that afternoon knowing that all those hours till late nights, cycling through the street of Amsterdam to meet up, and at the same time coordinating the practical things was all worth it. It was an honour to play a part in her journey.