About us

You are welcome to the Haven of Treasures. We are so delighted to have you here.You can start here by getting to know us better and how we can work together.

Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be. Mathew 6:21

"God not only wants your whole heart: he wants your heart whole." --Max Lucado

we are dedicated to the spiritual, mental and emotional well being of people. we help individuals, couples, families and organisations with helpful resources, training, coaching, mentoring, debriefing, counselling and community.

we have devoted our career to helping people get free from unhealthy ties, heal from emotional wounds, develop healthy bonds and improve their lives in ways they might never have imagined. it is a journey that we enjoy with every client who comes to us. we feel grateful each day for what we do and our ultimate sign of gratitude for our work is when clients find their true worth and are able to start over with hope and navigate upwards.

our time with you will be a haven of safety where you can get the best spiritual, emotional and mental support together with professional guidance. we are very intentional about getting results. we will discuss the issues you have, we will focus on what you can already do well and seek ways to structure and develop your basic strengths in order to make the improvements you desire to see.

our approach is to create a system that builds an internal world of worth for you and empower you to make ethical and good choices over your lifetime while exploring and living the life you love.


Haven Of Treasures exists to see hope, healing, and restoration established in the hearts of people and each individual grows and matures into a high-yielding, reflective, empathetic, ethical, person and actively seeking to shine the light of God in our world.



Haven Of Treasures exists to support and strengthen individuals, families, couples, ministry leaders, organizations and our community with holistic care that focuses on maximizing personal achievement, ministry endeavors, and organizational objectives. We are called to emancipate those held in spiritual, mental and emotional captivity, to bind up the brokenhearted and comfort those who mourn. We support by providing resources, offering Christian counseling, Mastermind Groups, Consulting, care outreach, Training, Advocacy, and Leadership.


Our mission is powered by our HEARTS Framework

  • H
  • E
  • A
  • R
  • T
  • S
  • Healing the Broken
  • Equipping for Effective Ministry
  • Achieving Greatness with Kingdom Accountability
  • Reaching for Souls; Helping the Vulnerable
  • Transforming in Prayer.
  • Soaring in Love and Unity

Haven of treasures is incorporated under the Dutch chamber of commerce with

Registration Number: 74658751

Contact us:

If you are interested, we can schedule an appointment to have a chat over coffee. We also provide online consultation depending on the schedule of our clients. You can contact us via our contact page or schedule an appointment immediately through our appointment calendar.

Partner With Us:

Haven of Treasures is a non subsidised, self supported Non-Profit Organisation open to everyone and we aim to reach a wide variety of people worldwide. We do ask clients to make a contribution for each One on One consultation, depending on the level of your total gross household income so that we can cover our operational expenses and also help other people who cannot afford or access our kind of services elsewhere. Investing in your own journey to freedom and hope is an eternal investment. Contact us and we will give you an indication of a reasonable contribution depending on our progressive scale guide. you are also welcome to make a donation and we offer some councelling credits to organizations that partners with us. Our goal is to serve our society in a responsible, ethical and healthy manner.